Mildew–not my pet.

But the kind of thing that grows on the surface when something is left for a long time to perish on its own.

Hi! I’m good, relatively in an okay mood. Though, sometimes my bad temper still get a hold of me, but I’m working on that. I’m not trying to remove that part of me but I’m hoping that I’ll learn how to handle things, and not instantly throw a fit.

I now have a work,.. No formalities whatsoever. There’s no training, familiarization, orientation, what have you’s either. So I’m doing everything on my own. Figuring things out on my own. I ask occasionally, because as much as I know how good it is to pop a question if you don’t know how to do a thing, I also not like doing it, I feel stupid. I know that’s negative, but that’s me.

One thing I like about it is, I learn. It’s a problem solving thing. At first, tbh, I’m mad, why are you asking me to do such stuff without explaining it, knowing my background and the likes. I always almost want to tear every hair in my head. And then I do it. Tada! Problem solved.

I want an easy job. But then again, there’s no easy job, as someone had told me.


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