Friday’s 10 Happy Things #1

Hello! So I decided to join this blog link-up I saw on Malen and Carina‘s blog so just I have an excuse to update this blog with words words (/personal things?) other than just pictures.

Here goes my list:

1. All the books and comics I’ve read, movies and t.v. shows I’ve watched from the last month.

Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan

2. Being back on the internet. Yes! I’ve been M.I.A. for two weeks. Popping for a tweet or two and then answering some messages on Facebook, skimming my e-mail then I’m out again.

3. Zayn’s new hair/look. LOL. I’ve been telling my friends how such a fuckboy Zayn is and the only reason that I forgive him is his otherworldly face. Now I have an idea what Helen of Troy looked like, because Zayn, that face, sigh.

Btw, I uploaded my video of 1D singing Don’t Forget Where You Belong from OTRA Dubai on youtube.

4. Passing time by browsing through Tumblr and Flickr and catching up on my rss feed (and marking everything as read 😛 ).

5. Lately, I’ve been hanging out a lot with my friends. It all started this one time Cyrill and I bumped into each other and then decided to have coffee, Giselle with all her free time after she came home from her a month and a half of vacation in Singapore, Madel opening her store, etc.

6. L i v i n g.

7. Waking up early on some days and being done with house chores early.

8. Bathing our dog, Lucky.  I’m happy when he’s clean and free from fleas. Hehe 😛

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

9. Girls season 4.

10. Essie Button! Sometimes I spend my downtime google-ing and watching youtube videos about makeup for beginners, makeup essential, no makeup makeup and that’s how I stumbled upon Essie’s no makeup makeup video and the moment I saw her face, I knew I’d like this girl.

Ditz Revolution

Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a blog link-up by Helga.


8 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things #1

  1. Lucky is so cute!

    I used to follow Essie Button on Instagram even tho I’ve never watched any of her vids haha. Her accent is so nice!


    • Aww, thank you from Lucky and I! 😀
      I love Essie Button but most of her videos are so long. I don’t have that much patience to binge watch her vlogs all at once not unlike what I do with the others. Hehe
      And yup, her accent’s really nice!


  2. no makeup makeup, natural makeup, and makeup for beginner is also i’m looking for because i’m a totally dumber in such a thing. and Lucky just have a happy and bright smile!


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